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Cracking an Aptitude test is a function of your IQ level and practice. The real clincher is the second stage i.e. the Personal Interview (and in some cases Group Discussions and Writing Assesment too).

It is through a personal interview that a B School is able to gauge the behavioral and competence fit of a candidate. Even though an interview is supposed to be a dialogue, it turns out to be a question answer session. The good news is that most of the questions are predictable but the bad news is that the answer to these questions have to be customized and there are no blanket answers to these questions (nor there should be)!

The preparation program covers the following:

        Resume writing

        SWOT analysis

        Mock interviews

        Feedbacks and corrective actioans

        Personal set of PI questions

        Dress code

        Portfolio preparation

        Mock GD’s

        Essay writing

        Extempore practice

        Solving Case study

         Current Affairs


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