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Social & Business English


All successful people have one thing in common - they are powerful communicators.

How did they master the art of conversation?

By working on it.

You, too can make a difference in your world by mastering the art of effective speaking!

Social & Business English:

Language is a tool for communication. Like it or not, English is the global language to succeed socially & professionally.

Want a job - you should know English.

Want to go for higher studies - you should know English.

Want to make new friends - you should know English.

Clearly, inability to speak in English can leave you powerless!

Features of the course:

  1. Personalised training
  2. Result oriented
  3. Activity based
  4. Covers all aspects of Communication
  5. Duration; 40 hours
  6. Honest fees
  7. Post - course support

Who should attend?

  1. Anyone who lacks confidence in speaking English
  2. Anyone who has stage fear
  3. Anyone who wants to face interviews
  4. Anyone who wants to be socially active
  5. Even students of 'Business English'

Other Details:

            Please contact us for details like: course fees, duration, timings etc.


  1. Many people have talked their way to success!
  2. If people do not communicate, nothing new will happen!
  3. Employers are willing to hire people who can communicate effectively!


Come, take a small step..talk to us and unleash your potential.