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Career selection

We strongly believe that each person is unique and his/ her career should be as unique! Hence an individual’s career should be aligned to his/ her natural talents and passion. This requires thorough inquiry, observation and understanding. Identifying the right career is half the battle won! Today we have formal education and training available for almost any career under the sun!! Hence professional Career Guidance is not a choice, it is strongly recommended for every aspirant and that too as early as secondary school level. The role of parents or guardians becomes critical at this stage.

As a child there are no inhibitions and barriers and a child can be a pilot in one moment, a doctor in another, a teacher in next and so on! We, adults know that switching careers is not the best option anywhere, more so in a country like ours! Hence selecting the right career path becomes very critical for success and to lead a professionally satisfying life.

Career selection should not be based on what is in demand! Demand and supply are fluid states. The choice of a career is best judged by a person’s likes, interests, hobbies, passion and talents. It starts with probing, observing, researching etc. and is a scientific process which can zero down the career choice.

We offer a complete solution to Career guidance at a very reasonable charge. It could be the best investment in a person’s future. What Stephen Covey said, is very apt here: Be sure that, as you scramble up the ladder of success, it is leaning against the right building!