Career Guidance – School Level

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Career Selection

Why Career Guidance?

Each person is unique and so his/ her career should be as unique! Identifying the right career is half the battle won! Hence professional Career Guidance is not a choice, it is strongly recommended for every aspirant and that too as early as secondary school level. The role of parents or guardians becomes critical at this stage.



Stream Selection

The first step to Career guidance is Stream selection i.e. which stream is best for me – Arts, Commerce or Science?

The moment we choose a particular stream, for e.g. Commerce we let go of Science related careers! Hence this is crucial decision to be taken during 9th or 10th class. We put you through a psychometric test and use other inputs to scientifically zero in on the right stream for you

Once the direction is correct, you can always move up faster and take up leadership roles.

Career Selection:

Be sure that, as you scramble up the ladder of success, it is leaning against the right building!

We follow a rigorous process to identify your natural talents, strengths, skills, interests and personality through objective and subjective assessments. This is followed by detailed probing and dialogue to ascertain & recommend the best career for you. We also incorporate parental inputs, if required. The whole process is customised and the findings are handed over to you as a report, with clear cut route map.

Once there is clarity on the Career choice, the next phase is Career planning & execution. This is the other half of the solution!

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Career Planning

Imagine setting out for a destination without a road map!

Each career has a unique entry process for e.g. entry into IITs is fairly difficult but once you get in, exit is much easier. On the contrary for CA, the entry is relatively easy but exit is very difficult. Getting into IAS is a totally different route. One may like to pursue a non-conventional career like western music or tread the unbeaten path! Whatever be the destination, the journey is important. You need proper information and hand holding till you reach your goal and that too ‘on time’. You should not get lost, reach a ‘dead end’ or a ‘no return’! Summit Careers offers personalised support and helps you prepare a ‘route map’ to your destination.

Career Execution

This is by far the most challenging stage! Planning is easy but execution requires focus, patience and motivation till you reach your goal. It is better to have an average plan which is executed effectively than to have an excellent plan which is executed casually! You will not get success because you wanted it, you will get it because you did the right things at the right time!

Let Summit Careers be your trusted navigator to success. We will make success faster and simpler for you!



Admission Consulting

Where you will study next, is one of the major decisions in one’s life. The institutional tag remains with you for your entire professional career. Your environment esp. during your college period impacts your vision, aspirations and personal/ professional progress. For such a crucial decision, one needs to take the services of an expert. The key question isn’t about the best institute in my field of study, rather which is the best institute for me! We navigate you to your dream destination

Whether you are looking at a National or an international level institution, we can assist you in the entire process till you get the offer for admission.

Our services include:

  • Identifying the best courses for you.
  • Identifying the best colleges for you.
  • Preparing you for the Admission process.
  • Preparing you for the related entrance tests & interviews.
  • Scholarship applications & loans.
  • Our students have joined top colleges in India & abroad.

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